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UK accounting services see 62% rise in new business since 2017

The UK accounting services industry is valued at around £6.4bn, with 2022 observing a 10% increase in the number of new accountancy firms opening nationwide. The UK accounting services sector has experienced consistent growth across the country, with increased demand…

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Customer Retention

The Best Customer Retention Strategies

A loyal customer is always better than two new ones. We give you a rundown of how to ace customer retention strategies. Customers are the heart of any business. But does more mean better? Not necessarily. . Keeping existing customers…

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What are the Benefits of CRM solutions?

A customer relationship management program is a type of software that helps businesses manage, track and organise their relationships with customers A customer relationship management (CRM) can help you store customer data such as user behaviour, how long a customer has been…

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How Startups & Small Businesses Can Propel Growth With Digital Marketing

Nowadays, you can’t afford to ignore digital marketing if you want your business to succeed. In the past, startups had almost no chance of making a dent in the marketplace. But thanks to digital marketing, startups and small businesses can…

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6 web design trends to watch in 2023

User immersion will become key to web experiences in 2023, but what will this look like? Since its inception in the mid-1990s, the web has been an interactive place. In 2023, we expect user immersion to be integral to all…

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HMRC reminds businesses about new VAT penalties and interest payments

HM Revenue and Customs is reminding VAT registered businesses to file their returns and pay on time, ahead of new penalties being applied. The new penalties will be fairer and more proportionate for businesses who submit their VAT returns or pay their VAT late.…

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Employment law changes in 2023

Changes to holiday entitlement for zero-hours workers, higher Minimum Wage pay and a bonfire of EU regulation are all on the cards this year. What employment law changes do you need to be aware of in 2023? We can all…

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